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liberating lynda

last night i attended the fundraising event for lynda kirkpatrick, a local woman with multiple sclerosis who is traveling to the sanoviv medical centre in mexico this sunday for surgery. The procedure is called chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency (CCSVI), which has shown to alleviate the deteriorating effects of multiple sclerosis.

i was so inspired by this gathering last night. the event was absolutely packed at the best western with a line-up out the door. lynda and her husband bill are very obviously loved by this community. There were so many generous donations, contributions and support from friends, families and businesses in the area.

i had the honour of speaking last night as i have actually been a patient at the sanoviv medical centre. i also presenting lynda with one of my ‘honouring life’ canvas prints.

this is what i shared:

In 2006 I was a patient at the sanoviv medical centre. In a few simple words, my visit there changed my life.  after listening to countless doctors and medical practitioners tell me they could not explain or help me with my severe health issues…  at sanoviv I found support, understanding, validation and above all, hope.

I believe that hospitals such as this one are so important… they are so valuable and I wish that everyone could have the opportunity to see what a difference they are making to people’s lives.

The medical team at sanoviv works together to find answers, placing the importance of healing progress above their own practice. Imagine a group of doctors, nutritionists, psychologists, naturopaths, osteopaths, homepaths and more sitting around a table and looking at one patient’s file, searching for answers as a team. This is what is happening at the sanoviv medical centre. I hope that someday it’s not such a rarity.

Since my time at sanoviv, I have healed my body, I no longer have a disease that western medicine told me was incurable and the quality of my life has increased by about 100%.

I am so excited for you Linda that you are going to experience this wonderful place. I have no doubt that your life will also be changed forever as a result.

I would like to present you with this piece of art in celebration of this next step.

I shot this photograph from the balcony of my room at sanoviv one morning. The text reads: in truth, these were the moments when I knew myself completely.”

I believe that the difficult experiences we undergo in life, the illnesses and the health issues that we work through in our bodies; are beautiful and fragile opportunities for us to understand ourselves on an entirely new level.

I am so grateful for my journey through illness into health, for my wellness tastes so much sweeter now than it ever did before.

Congratulations on your strength Linda.

I trust that the horizon is filled with limitless possibilities for wellness… and you are going to a place where they believe that too.

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