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a new chapter… open for 2018 bookings

as 2017 quietly fades into the past i find myself already swept into the momentum of forward motion. 2018 is ripe and ready for big change, big growth and so much love.

it’s been a year of amazing experiences, shifts, changes and total transformations… i am so grateful for all that 2017 had to offer. a lot has changed for me personally in the last 365 days, (like getting married! i’m now kyla gent!) but first things first… this post is focused on the exciting news that i wanted to share with regards to kyla brown photography.

i am delighted to say that i am booking weddings for this season. to keep things simple i’m keeping the business name of kyla brown photography for now, but i have taken my husband’s last name, so you’ll see kyla gent on my email sign offs.

it felt really great to take a step back from my full day wedding commitments last year and revitalize my body, mind and spirit. i did continue doing some short sessions including small weddings and elopements, family portraits and commercial work, however i kept all of my shoots under 3 hours and delivered on a promise to my body that i would get some much needed rest.

i’m grateful for the perspective i have gained in taking a bit of a breather… honestly it was hard to make that commitment and say no to people. i’m always so moved when a couple feels a connection with my photography and wants to entrust me with that gift of making tangible the essence of their wedding. that said, over the years i have learned that i cannot show up half way. bringing all of my attention and focus to a wedding is just who i am. when i’m shooting i rarely sit down, i rarely take a break and i am constantly watching how my couple is experiencing the day and the people they are celebrating with and i’m waiting for a moment that i believe will feel meaningful… or special… or timeless. working this way asks a lot of my body. the photography industry is important and intense and it takes a lot of energy and effort to do it with passion and with grace… at least i think it does. i always want to be fully present and offer my best self to such an important role and i am so happy that i took 2017 to step back. i got to enjoy some weekends with my new husband!

this year kyla brown photography will include associate photographer Milena Huebener. A long time friend of mine and a talented photographer and videographer, Milena has been assisting and second shooting for me for a number of years now and frankly she’s amazing. we are delighted to offer her services and expand kyla brown photography into a two tier pricing structure. Milena’s photography style compliments my own and when she is booked as a photographer she will be achieving a style and look that is in line with what you have seen from me at kyla brown photography. Milena is available for portrait sessions, weddings and newborn photography.

believe it or not there’s still more big news… watch for a huge and exciting announcement coming this week!

thank you again for your support, your patience and your amazing feedback. i am humbled and grateful for all of the beautiful images we have created and will create together.

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