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lucent imagery – new designs are here…

it’s been quite awhile since i’ve had time to spend with my creative artwork. having such a packed schedule with my photography has been a blessing and i feel grateful for all that kyla brown photography has brought into my life. this summer i’ve made a commitment to focus on some of my personal projects and i am so delighted to delve deep into my writing, my art and the creative musings that i feel my heart softly whispering to me in the quiet moments.

since i last created designs for the lucent imagery line i have gotten engaged and married to the love of my life. i have become kyla jayne gent and slowly, gracefully i am shedding my attachments to kyla jayne brown. i have created ‘gently drawn’ to continue to share the creativity that comes through me and i look forward to expanding all that i have to offer.

the lucent imagery series is compiled of ongoing artwork from my personal drawing journals. these images illustrate the journey i myself have been on as well as the unfolding growth that i witness all around me. these newest designs came pouring out of me as soon as i gave them some space to breathe. one after another they flowed together… sharing messages that felt aglow with love, connection and the joy of alignment with one’s heart.

i just finished delivering the latest chapter of ‘lucent imagery’ to village arts, which is currently the only place in town to find this work. i’ve also made everything available online once again and they can be enjoyed, experienced and ordered directly here.

thanks to everyone who supports my creative work, thanks to those who finds a connection with these little reflections of life and most of all, thanks to each of you for opening wide your own heart as you navigate the way with a grace that can only come from truly being you.

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