budi & hitomi – bridal portrait in invermere, bc

budi and hitomi are two of the kindest, sweetest people i have met in a long time. i had met budi before during my frequent visits to the local sushi restaurant where budi works. i had heard that he was getting married and was excited to receive an inquiry about a bridal portrait a few weeks after their intimate ceremony.

when we sat down together to discuss their ideas for the session i could see how lovely they were together. hitomi is a wonderful woman, she’s so genuine and i can see why budi is in love with her. i was delighted to be a part of such a special photo session.

when we met for the evening shoot, hitomi was wearing her wedding dress and looked absolutely gorgeous. she had done her own hair similar to the wedding day and it was perfect. budi was in his suit and looked so handsome. i got to see his serious side more than a few times over the evening, he really transformed between the light happy budi i had met before into a dashing groom. it was really fun to see both sides of his personality. budi charmed us all as he showered his new bride with flowers and kisses. this guy is a real gentleman.

we finished the session down at kinsmen beach on a swinging bench where these two love to sit and look out over lake windermere. it was a perfect place for the very last photos. budi and hitomi… i am so glad that i got a chance to spend some time with you before you left the valley. i wish you all the best in vernon and thank you again for allowing me to witness the amazing connection that you share!

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kevin & carissa – wedding at panorama resort, panorama bc

kevin and carissa celebrated a beautiful destination wedding in the columbia valley this spring. their venue was up at the riverside location of panorama mountain resort on a gorgeous day. after a great engagement session in calgary last november, i was so excited to get together with them again for the big day. i think it ended up being one of the hottest days in may this year… feeling more like mid summer than spring and we took full advantage of the great weather. it was so nice to have the doors open for the reception as many of the guests mingled outside and the kids had lots of room to run around and play.

carissa got ready with her sister and the girls wore matching monogrammed pi’s in place of robes… much more their style. the dress was stunning even before carissa put it on… she looked elegant and timeless. i felt like i could have been photographing a bride from almost any era… she’s a classic beauty that one.

kevin was over at another condo with his brother and nieces… the girls looked adorable all dressed up and ready to walk down the aisle with their flowers. kevin was quiet and composed… comfortable in his suit and his striped socks. both kevin and carissa have lots of little ones in their lives and they love being with them. the entire reception was covered in tiny dancers and i dare say i saw some 6-and-under breakdancing before the night was through.

the reception was full of laughter and a few tears… with stories of the old days and some loving respects payed to those who were watching in spirit. kisses could only be had with the successful removal of a bone or organ from the ‘operation table’ set out for the guests (i totally remember playing this game!) and it was a perfect choice for this wedding since carissa wasn’t the only doctor in the house.

one of my favourite moments of the night was when kevin and carissa were joined on the dance floor by a niece and nephew as they took the new bride and groom’s lead and started to slow dance beside them. it was priceless. i also loved hearing about kevin’s tendency to shed his reserved and quiet nature after a few drinks… apparently on one occasion he really spoke his mind with a bold and heartfelt proclamation to the whole family that he didn’t want to get married unless it was to carissa. that’s just the sweetest!

the dancing continued well into the night, long after i left i’m sure. it was a fantastic day that i am sure kevin and carissa will always remember with love, laughter and joyful tears.

i wish you two all the happiness in your life together and your new home. here’s to continued adventures, travels and cherished memories!


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james & brooke – engagement session in invermere, bc

james and brooke are getting married at panorama mountain resort this august. we got together in june for an evening engagement session and picked the absolute perfect night for the shoot. it was the kind of golden evening light that any photographer would dream of and i got to photograph one of the sweetest couples ever.

these two come out to the columbia valley regularly… they have family out this way and enjoy the area for some relaxing down time away from the city. we wandered around the grounds near pynelogs and kinsmen beach, enjoying the pathways that curve around dorothy lake and the community gardens. i really enjoyed spending some time with these two… they are both so friendly and easy going, it made for a great evening and really relaxed, natural shooting.

brooke has a gorgeous smile and she just seems to light up when she’s close to james. she picked up her coral coloured dress at the last minute and looked amazing… i can’t wait to see these two all dressed up on the big day!

thanks again for a beautiful evening… i’ll see you in august!

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sam & chantel – engagement session in invermere, bc

sam and chantel are getting married this summer at copper point resort in invermere, bc. they live up in sylvan lake alberta but visited the columbia valley as kids and wanted to have their destination wedding here. these two started their love story back in high school and have been together for something like ten years. they told me they would be driving up for the photo session and bringing along their two little fur-babies… maui and coco.

what looked like it was going to be a rainy mountain day turned into an absolutely spectacular evening and we were all so glad that we decided to stick it out after sam and chantel had driven all the way down just for the day. they promised i would have my work cut out for me as neither of them is very big on having photos taken but that proved not to be the case at all.

i just loved the way that sam took care of his fiance… he was such a gentleman with chantel and she was so friendly and kind. they were easy to photograph and i had lots of fun getting to know them. chantel’s mom took care of the dogs while we meandered around the private acreage near invermere and took advantage of the beautiful evening. when it was time for maui and coco to come back for some photos we had lots of fun getting the whole family facing in the right direction! i get to photograph a number of dogs when i do engagement sessions and i’m always so entertained by the furry babies!

thank you for a fabulous engagement session sam and chantel… it was such a pleasure. you’re both naturals in front of my camera and i am excited to see you again in july!

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cam & krista – wedding in panorama, bc

cam and krista were married this spring at a beautiful private home in panorama, bc. the venue turned out to be a perfect fit for their rustic inspired celebration. i arrived long before the guests, with time to wander around the huge log home for some photos of the details. cam and krista did a great job of decorating the space… they had personal touches here and there… childhood photos and mini lights… huge candles in vases and one of those retro ‘love’ signs with the exposed bulbs.

krista got ready with her sisters in one of the upper rooms, which was a stunning space for that special moment. her dress was exquisite and looked beautiful on her. i loved capturing the photos as krista had her sparkly necklace put on and quickly realized it didn’t feel quite right… she decided to wear the heart necklace that she had once received as a gift from cam and wears every single day. it looked perfect and reminded me of how a wedding is about continuing on with something amazing just as much as it’s about starting something new.

they shared a moment together before anyone else arrived… reading letters that they had written to one another as they stood on either side of a doorway. it was so sweet and romantic, the moment of anticipation… like the day was suspended just for a little while as they took it all in.

the ceremony was held on the upper deck with just enough room to fit all of the guests. it felt both intimate and open with a view of the mountains as the backdrop. the party was fun and lively… everything one would wish for on their wedding day. krista’s mom made the wedding cake and it with cut with a knife that belonged to krista’s great grandma. it has been in the cleland family since the early 1900′s… cutting cakes and collecting stories for a century! there is a book that travels with the knife and each couple that uses it to cut their cake records their details in the book. the history of the knife is included in the front of the book and a number of couples in the columbia valley outside of the cleland family have been fortunate enough to partake in this bit of history.

i feel so fortunate to be a part of people’s weddings… i am gifted with the opportunity to hear loved ones sharing their favourite memories and offering their gratitude for who these people have been to them. i learned that krista is kind and thoughtful… that she’s always thinking of other people and that her family is so deeply excited to know that she is with cam, who thinks of her. i learned that cam is covertly hilarious, that he can cut a rug like nobody’s business and that when he wears a suit and marries the love of his life, he transforms into a smouldering model.

cam and krista… i wish you year after year of love, joy and happiness. it is a pleasure knowing you, capturing your wedding and now sharing with you these moments from you day. enjoy!


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