james & brooke – wedding at panorama resort, bc

james and brooke celebrated a beautiful outdoor ceremony in the riverbend green space along toby creek at panorama mountain resort this past august. it was a gorgeous day for photography despite the fine mist of mountain rain that we had here and there.

our coverage began with james and his boys along toby creek. they met me at the bottom of the gondola where we ran into shandrea (a talented florist and former owner of the stem.) james and brooke were lucky enough to book shandrea before she moved her business out of the valley so it was nice to see her back for their special day. the boutonnieres were amazing and all of the colours coordinated with the bridesmaids beautiful dresses and bouquets.

after some fun with the guys we headed up to the top of the gondola to meet brooke and her gals. brooke looked absolutely stunning. she was positively aglow and surrounded by her most treasured friends as well as her little sister. we were sure to capture the beautiful rings that brooke had gifted all of the girls and enjoyed a bit of time together before heading back down to the ceremony.

james and brooke were married by a member of the extended family… always a wonderful way to say your vows i think. there was lots of laughter as brooke and james exchanged rings (james’ was a tad snug) and the groomsmen kept everyone on their toes throughout the bridal portraits to follow. james and brooke were also gifted with a special horseshoe as part of james’ heritage, a traditional gift that is given to newlyweds for luck in their marriage.

the reception was held up at the great hall where there were stories shared, jokes made and heart felt thanks given to both james and brooke for how they have touched the people that they love. it was a fabulous day and i felt so fortunate to capture it for this lovely couple.

james and brooke, i wish you a wonderful life together as husband and wife. thank you for sharing you beautiful day with me and i hope that these photos help you to remember it fondly for years to come.

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galen & jamie – wedding at panorama resort, bc

this summer galen and jamie tied the knot up at panorama resort with a beautiful outdoor ceremony at riverside and a gorgeous reception at choppers landing. panorama has been a hot ticket for destination weddings this season and i’ve enjoyed capturing a few in that beautiful space near toby creek.

it was one of those perfect days when the sky is overcast and the light is softly diffused… my favourite! i’ve been looking forward to this wedding since the last time i saw galen and jamie where they were in matching onesie pyjamas for the finale shots of their engagement shoot in invermere last year. i’d say that was a clear and obvious sign that these two are a lot of fun and don’t take things too seriously.

the pjs didn’t make an encore appearance for the wedding but there was just as much laughter, playful antics and joking around. we arrived to find the guys in nothing but their undies… ready for the photos and a little moonshine, which galen had gifted to each of them with a sharp looking plaid and leather flask in honour of his scottish roots.

the ladies were not in their undies but seemed to be having just as good a time as the guys. jamie’s cousin from australia was doing her final touch-ups on her make-up as her hair was getting one last spray and the jewelry was put on… it was like one of those fairytale moments when a million things are happening at once and then the crowd parts to reveal this brilliantly beautiful bride standing there… absolutely aglow with love and excitement.

the wedding was styled by lisa grosso and her team at mountain bride. i had worked with her a few years ago and was excited to hear her talent and flair would be shaping the day. as expected… everything looked absolutely stunning. choppers landing was transformed into an enchanting space with bell jars, jadeite cake stands and cupcakes in teacups… antlers and tiny vases, chevron straws in lemonade jars and draping strings of perfect lighting. i took it all with this feeling that every wedding idea and dream just might have come true.

i love being around galen, jamie and their world. the whole day was relaxed, fun and thoroughly entertaining. they brought along their beautiful pomsky pup who was one of the best behaved and sweetest fur babies i’ve met in a long time. galen hoped to have her in most every photo and she did great posing for the shots. it was a day to remember… and somewhere between the heart shaped shades and the half bottle of champagne that rained down over jamie’s dress, the austin healy sports car and metal marquee ‘J & G’… two amazing people promised to love one another for the rest of their days, and they did it with style.

congratulations galen and jamie. it was truly a pleasure.

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corey & lesley – wedding at nipika mountain resort, bc

corey and lesley are an awesome couple that live with their two beautiful children liam and macy in radium, bc. they decided to celebrate their marriage as a family out at nipika mountain resort this summer. it was a really sweet afternoon… totally relaxed and casual with the kids running around as corey and lesley exchanged rings and vows in the meadow. lesley had arranged all of the details and even made most of her rustic vintage inspired decor. they had a table set up for their intimate dinner catered by randy mcstevens and a sweet wedding cake with personalized wine to commemorate their day with a ‘happily ever after’ theme.

liam carried the rings and even got to sign his name on the registry and macy was in charge of the rose petal sprinkling down the path in front of mommy. it was adorable watching the kids walk with lesley towards corey and justice of the peace dorothy for their arrival in the meadow. it was a slow and meandering stroll and eventually liam gave his little sister a hand with her bucket of petals. both of the kids looked so great in their outfits… macy all dolled up in her pink dress and liam in suspenders and cowboy boots with his faux hawk. mom and dad looked great as well… lesley’s dress was lacy and so pretty while corey was matching liam’s colours with jeans and a leather vest.

we just spent a short while with corey and lesley, but it was more than enough time to see how cute they are together. it was fun to get some shots of them in the forest and on the bridge and dancing in the rain with the kids. nipika was a great choice for their celebration and dinner smelled amazing as we were packing up to leave. i love the idea of a catered meal on a perfect day with mom, dad, the kids and a wedding! how much more personal and intimate can you get.

it was so lovely to capture this day for you corey and lesley, i know you are excited to share it with all of your friends and family that are far away. enjoy and congratulations!

this year’s issue of the invermere based columbia valley wedding magazine will be featuring photos of corey and lesley’s wedding at the popular nipika mountain resort.

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bill & carla – wedding at private residence, columbia lake, bc

bill and carla celebrated a beautiful backyard ceremony and reception at a private home on columbia lake this august. it was one of the hottest days we’d had in awhile with a bluebird sky that faded into a gorgeous evening for this intimate destination wedding in the columbia valley.

we spent some time with carla as she was getting ready in the morning and discovered that the neighbours were happily inviting us to use their beautiful wooden arbour and bridge in their yard for the first glimpse. it was a magical spot for bill to see carla and carla to see bill for the first time and we ended up having a little cheering committee watching from the picture windows of the home as these two had their moment together.

what i remember most about this special day was the joy that seemed to be radiating from both bill and carla… these two seem to be having a whole lot of fun. every time they locked eyes they would burst into laughter that resonated with pure delight. it’s obvious that they enjoy one another so much and their wedding day was an extra layer of icing on the cake of their life together.

carla decided to surprise bill with a stunning and classy red lip which is not the norm for her but she wore it beautifully. it meant that they couldn’t kiss when he first saw her and it was funny to see how excited they both were and how hard it was not to seal it with a smooch. carla’s blue patent shoes and blue jewelry complimented bill’s suit and the brilliant colours of the bouquet brought the whole thing together. a huge thank you to shandrea o’brien, former ‘stem’ owner and floral goddess legend, who happened to be back out in the valley for another wedding and was next door when a floral emergency unfolded. she was able to save the day with some serious surgery on bill’s boutonniere which we discovered had not survived the trip from calgary. it lasted the entire day thanks to shandrea and the rose stem she spliced onto the calla lily!

bill and carla were amazing as we hiked out in the blazing sun to catch a glimpse of the beautiful columbia lake and mountain scape in the distance. it was well worth the walk once we caught that striking view of the horizon across the water. with a lovely evening ceremony planned, we had a bit of the afternoon to get some shots of bill and carla before the guests arrived. bill’s teenage children liam and drue stood up for bill and carla as they said ‘i do’ in an intimate ceremony amongst the trees and forest on the lawn.

the yard was used perfectly for the reception… tall tables were set up in a stand of trees offering a bit of shade from the sun and easy access to the house. there was music, a casual menu ‘from scratch’ had catered and a sandbox for the little ones to dig in. there was even a trampoline for the older kids to enjoy and flip flops incase anyone wanted to get their groove on later in the evening. it was a relaxed and fun wedding with lovely people on a beautiful summer night… what a great story to tell for your wedding day!

thanks again bill and carla… i wish you countless days of joyful laughter throughout your lives!

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scott & laura – wedding at nipika mountain resort, bc

scott and laura celebrated a beautiful outdoor destination wedding at nipika mountain resort this summer. it was the perfect location for this couple… a spot that holds a special place in their hearts. laura actually grew up in radium hot springs… her mom jacque still lives in their childhood home and laura’s sister lainey is also living in the valley. she’s married to steve wilson and part of the nipika family… making this a very special wedding for everyone.

i work with lyle wilson, his wife diane and their son steve any time i have the good fortune of capturing a nipika wedding, but on this particular day i got to see the whole family enjoying the festivities with their extended family and lots of friends. steve and lainey’s two little ones, theo and rooney were the ring bearer and flower girl and they were so adorable. rooney had an accident at the resort the day before the wedding but her purple eye didn’t stop her from being her amazing and adorable self… i hear she’s one tough cookie. auntie laura gave the kids a gift before the ceremony and rooney received a huge minnie mouse (her favourite) who accompanied her for the rest of day.

i first met with jacque frederickson last year when she was excited to discuss the possibilities of  capturing laura and scott’s upcoming wedding. they were out of the country and didn’t even know she was chatting with me about being their wedding photographer! it was the first time i had met jacque in person and i have since had a great time getting to know her over the course of the year. she is quite a popular gal in the columbia valley and it’s easy to see why. everyone she meets is treated like a dear old friend, myself included. it’s hard not to feel like part of the gang when you’re around this whole crew… a genuine and kind group of people who are enjoying life together. it was a spectacular honour for me to be entrusted with the gift of photographing this momentus day. more than once i found myself tearing up, laughing out loud and feeling moved by the love and tenderness unfolding before my eyes.

i was delighted to see the ever talented giselle barrass was back in town doing hair for all of the girls and shandrea o’brien (formerly owner and floral visionary of the stem in invermere) was back in the valley to bring the most exquisite flower arrangements for the day. chef randy mcstevens nailed the menu as usual and the day was a huge success. there was a big white tent set up for the reception and a little bit of luck from above kept the rain away so that the ceremony could be held out in the meadow as planned. laura’s brother logan walked her down the aisle and she wore the diamonds that jacque had given her on behalf of her father brent. brent had given jacque diamond earrings when they were married and then he gave lainey diamond earrings on her wedding day… so it was a significant gift that honoured him as laura and scott were married.

for all of the local connections and familiar faces i saw on the day, there seemed to be just as many people who had traveled across the globe to be with scott and laura for their wedding. it spoke volumes of just how valuable these friendships are and the celebration reflected just the same. laura’s good friend tim was the mc and decided upon arrival that he too wanted to show off a shiner… with a little help from some purple eye shadow, he and rooney were two peas in a pod. all of the speeches were lovely and heartfelt… the dance moves were hilarious and impressive as the band ‘two bit bandits‘ rocked the night away. scott and laura had told me that they wanted the focus of their wedding to be about the people, the party and the experience… i hope that the photos we captured will help tell that story of the day these two people became husband and wife. i hope that anyone who looks at their photos will see the love and magic that the day held and that the memory will continue to carry for them all.

congratulations scott and laura… i wish you a beautiful and joyful life!


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