stephan & niki – wedding at copper point resort, invermere, bc

stef and niki were married at copper point resort on a gorgeous fall day this past september. it was a destination wedding for them… they live out on the coast in vancouver and traveled to the columbia valley for a number of reasons… it was close for everyone attending the wedding and just seemed to be the perfect location for their most amazing celebration.

over the course of the year leading up to this big day, niki and i chatted a number of times on the phone. i was always touched by how thoughtful and curious she was… often wanting to hear about my life and how things were going for chris and i. we talked about our cats and about my niece everley grace. she is one of the most kind and thoughtful people i have ever met. the engagement session was so much fun and i really enjoyed getting to know both niki and stef a little more before the big day.

on the wedding day i arrived to find niki and her ladies enjoying the morning in beautiful robes and niki was wearing fluffy slippers. a vision of beauty, she was ready to go and busy arranging gifts for her bridesmaids, her mom, her cousins and nieces and yes, for me and my assistant terri as well. it was a pleasure to watch everyone open the beautiful handmade jewelry that she had made for them and see the delight in their eyes as they read the letters that she and stef had written from the heart.

niki’s sister, cousin and mom helped get her ready for the ceremony and i loved capturing it all as the day unfolded like a graceful flower. i had been fortunate enough to spend a little time with both niki’s cousin sara and her new husband as well as stef’s parents blaine and trudy a couple of nights prior as stef and niki had gifted them each portrait sessions with me as thanks for all of their love and support with the wedding. i also get to capture stef’s parents next summer on a trip back to the valley!

when i headed down the hall to visit stef, he was looking quite handsome in his suit… i hear people say a person has ‘a million dollar smile’ and in all sincerity… i think that grin on stef is exactly that. he has charm and presence and i can see why these two are so deeply in love and so sweetly enchanted with one another. niki told me that they have big intentions in life and i believe her. this couple will most definitely have an impact on the world.

it was fun to be a part of this day and even more than that… it was moving and inspiring to be around this couple. although i had many more conversations with niki leading up to the wedding, i got to know stef a little better over the course of the day and he is just as much of a wonderful and thoughtful person as his wife. these two are the real thing… just listening to the speeches i was in tears. their parents were brimming with pride at who they have both become. i loved hearing how much stef cherishes niki… it was confirmed by the way he was just watching her with this look of devotion as people spoke about her. these two really seem to leave a lasting impression on everyone they meet.

the day was absolute perfection. stef’s grandfather brought a gorgeous classic car that they rode off in as guests enveloped them in bubbles and we found an amazing location for some photos with the car under a beautiful canopy of trees. the night was filled with dancing and music as stef and his groomsmen entertained the guests with some live tunes. stef’s dad blaine even got up for a couple of songs… quite the talented family!

congratulations stef and niki… thank you for inviting me to capture your wedding day and to share in the vibrant light that is your love. i am so delighted to know you both and can hardly wait to see all that you continue to do!

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greg & jessica – wedding at eagle ranch resort, invermere, bc

greg and jessica decided that eagle ranch resort in invermere was the perfect location for the two of them to tie the knot. their destination wedding was on a beautiful fall day in the columbia valley. it was a fall celebration and despite it being a little brisk… we had gorgeous soft light for their outdoor ceremony overlooking the valley.

our engagement session this past spring had been a lot of fun and i was eager to capture their love at the wedding. greg and jessica are easy to photograph and so very much in love… all i need to do is ask them to wander around the forest and snuggle up together to showcase their connection.

jessica is completely stunning. she has this classic beauty about her that i knew would be a dream to capture on camera. the striking contrast between her dark hair and red lips were once again perfection and i just loved the combination of colours for the day. the bridesmaids dresses were lovely with the outdoor setting and every little touch was well planned and executed. (love that little book for the rings from etsy!)

the girls room at copper point resort was busy with lace and sea foam fabric twirling in every direction like something out of a fairy tale. jessica’s matron of honour was kim, an awesome, hilarious and beautiful bride who’s wedding to james i had photographed two seasons prior where jessica was her maid of honour. these two are cousins and extremely close. they grew up together and from what i can tell, they have a lot of fun. the bridal party consisted of many more close friends and important people in both greg and jessica’s lives. it’s always a pleasure to see a couple surrounded and supported by those people that know them best and to hear the stories that tell the tale of lessons learned and the inevitable growth that comes with years and often decades of friendship.

greg and his groomsmen were also having fun getting ready. it was more of a deep chuckling with knowing nods and glances. each one of the guys received a beautiful box with their names engraved on the top and treasures inside. one of my favourite images of the day was a single frame i managed to snap just as greg and his dad were walking down the hall. a quiet and precious moment between father and son.

after the ceremony we headed off with the bridal party for some photos overlooking the wetlands. the wind was a little fierce on this fall day and the girls packed blankets to wrap around themselves between shots. james came along for chivalrous support and comic relief, another little ‘thanks’ and swapping of places as greg had been the driver for the bridal party at kim and james’ wedding.

we captured some lovely moments with greg and jessica out on the edge of the bluff before heading back for a warm up and the reception. eagle ranch was decorated beautifully… these two had put a lot of time and attention into the tiny details of the reception and we wanted to be sure to capture it all. there was beer from the local arrowhead brewing company and wooden centrepieces with animals engraved into them by crossroads collective. there were even custom drinks for the bride and groom, a little play on their story with her’s being ‘the boss’ daughter’ and his begin ‘the naughty manager’…

the speeches were great. i always love it when the couple is brought to tears from their laughter and everyone’s eyes start to sparkle with the sheer joy of celebrating such a momentous day. jessica’s dad decided to surprise her with his own tattoo, a matching sleeve that he sported proudly for the night.

greg and jess… i wish you a wonderful life full of amazing stories and adventures… a life filled to the brim with that same love and devotion i saw in your eyes on your wedding day. congratulations!


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100 memories from this season’s portraits

after pulling some touching moments from the rest of my 2014 season yesterday, i decided today to share 100 images from the portrait sessions i captured in 2015…

there is something really magical about grabbing an image here and there from one session and another and putting them all together. it makes me realize how beautiful this opportunity is for me as a photographer… to share in each one of these moments as it was unfolding… to witness connection and love between families and friends… and to see the thread of life that runs through each of us.

thank you to those on the other side of the lens and to everything in their lives that inspires them to glow. i love creating these memories with you.

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a few moments…

running a successful photography business is really amazing… it also fills my schedule to the brim. one of the things that takes time and presence for me is writing the blog posts for each session. writing is near and dear to my heart and i really like to take time to delve into the memories of what was shared and captured with each session. since i haven’t had time to write those types of blog posts, many sessions don’t go up on the blog… i decided today that it would be fun to grab a few shots here and there and just share the imagery. so here are some moments and memories that were created in the fall of 2014.

perhaps the story that unfolds through an image is all that you need some days…

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quintin & laura – wedding at kicking horse mountain resort, golden, bc

quintin and laura celebrated their destination wedding at the very top of kicking horse mountain resort in golden, bc this past august. eagle’s eye restaurant is always an amazing location, it just happened to be a totally unique day for this couple that turned into an awesome backdrop for their big day. it had been pretty smokey through the entire columbia valley for awhile prior to their wedding… i wasn’t sure how things would turn out and there was a pretty good possibility that the beautiful mountain views would be totally obscured by the heavy smoke.

as it turned out, the effect was a painterly look that allowed us to capture some spectacular shots for these two. quintin is an emerging photographer himself and was well aware of what we were able to create. the smoke softened the backdrop and turned the usually sharp and detailed peaks into a dreamscape for this love story. we even managed to capture the smokey effect at sunset as the mountains started turning almost purple in the light.

quintin and laura are awesome and genuine and gorgeous and really very kind. we’d had so much fun getting soaked in the rain for their engagement session i was really excited to capture the wedding day. they both looked amazing and after a dramatically windy and romantic first glimpse, they were eager to climb all over the top of the mountain to find some great angles for the photos.

they are so easy to be around and to chat with, we could have hiked all day finding rocky cliffs for them to perch upon and look like total rock stars. it’s a lot of fun to photograph people who are excited about photography!

at the ceremony the wind settled down enough that everyone could enjoy the ‘i do’s’ and picked up again for the champagne toast on the deck and some lively photos with the bridal party and family. the groomsmen made the fatal error of letting me see their cigars and we ended up having them smoke almost half of them as we played around with some smokey boy’s club shots out on the patio. as karma would have it, the guys weren’t the only ones feeling a little ill from smoking a huge cigar in a matter of minutes… i also was perfectly downwind from the group and might as well have been smoking one too.

big thanks to terri and milena for dangling from the edges of the mountain top so that we could light these two up for some beautiful newly wed photos! and to quintin and laura… thank you for the opportunity to get to know you, to laugh and get soaked in not only rain but also smoke with you… and for entrusting me with this great honour of capturing your wedding day. i wish you all the best in vernon and in your life together!

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