mark & irena – wedding at panorama mountain village, bc

mark and irena are two of the kindest and most genuine people i have met. they made a big impression on me earlier this year when we met up for a winter engagement shoot in invermere. their wedding was held at panorama mountain village in the beautiful green space near toby creek at the bottom of the mountain. it was a gorgeous day and when i arrived, irena was getting her make-up done and family was busy moving around the house in preparation for the celebration. showing up for the getting ready portion of the day is one of my favourites… i get to chat with the bride and groom before the ceremony and capture some of those exciting moments of anticipation before they are actually married.

irena looked so beautiful in her dress and i just loved her veil with the lace detailed edge. mark looked so handsome as well… he was getting ready at a nearby house with his dad, brother and best man. there were lots of details and personal touches that i noticed throughout the day. there were special little boxes for the rings stuffed with moss that irena had made especially for the wedding. the flowers were vibrant and a perfect reflection of the day.

it was so much fun capturing these two as they etched out a day in their history… mark and irena shared personal vows at the alter, wore plastic 80′s style sunglasses, crushed beer with their bridal party and rocked the shot ski at the reception. they kept switching back and forth between their party selves, ready to celebrate with all of their friends and family… and these two completely romantic lovebirds that got lost in each others eyes.

i love the balance that they share… i love the way they look at one another and laugh together and fill up all the spaces in between… life feels really good when i’m around these two. it makes me smile to know they are enjoying every minute of it.

congratulations mark and irena… thank you for sharing your day with me. it was an honour to tell this story for you.

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50th wedding anniversary portrait session – fairmont, bc

nick and sylvia have been married for 50 years… that’s a landmark in life and love worth celebrating and commemorating. they brought their family together in fairmont hot springs, bc for a party worthy of half a century.

daughter leah contacted me about having a portrait session during their stay and i was delighted to photograph everyone together. i think it’s a special opportunity to capture extended families when they gather for something like this… life is so busy and i know how challenging it can be to coordinate dates and schedules. having a vacation with extended family is an amazing accomplishment!

it was a warm day for our session and we planned on sticking to the shade as much as possible. we weaved our way through the long grass and found a perfect spot in a quiet meadow under some trees. with the majestic fairmont range on one side of the valley, it was easy to take advantage of the view.

this was a lovely group, everyone looked amazing in their perfectly coordinated outfits (great job to all of you!) and it sounded like the celebrations had been a lot of fun so far. nick and sylvia were sweet together, they laughed easily and looked lovingly into each other’s eyes with little prompting. i had them wander in the grass and smooch a little… a must when you’ve got 50 years under your belt!

congratulations on your anniversary nick and sylvia, and thanks to everyone for being so helpful… especially to lori for donating her sweater at the end and the boys for holding it up as a diffuser so that we could catch a shot of nick, sylvia and their two kids, leah and nolan without shining the sun in their eyes!

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jason & stefanie – engagement shoot at lake lillian, invermere, bc

jason and stefanie are getting married at the stolen church in windermere this fall… it’s one of the sweetest little locations i have ever seen and it comes with a great story about how it was actually taken piece by piece and transported to that spot decades ago by a man who’s wife missed the church after they moved from golden to windermere in 1897. you can read the full story here.

we had planned on shooting jason and stefanie’s engagement photos on a weekend in june, only to have some torrential rain change things our minds at the last minute. i always find that when plans are changed by forces beyond our control it’s usually for the best and the rescheduled date works out even better than imagined… plus it means you get to dress up twice in the same amazing outfit.

stefanie and jason wanted some green summery feeling photos for their engagement session, so we headed up to the beautiful and quiet lake lillian for a little time by the lake. i love how serene this area can be on the right summer evening. these two got to snuggle up on the dock and look out over the water. we meandered through some long grass, mossy trees and trails that ran through the forest nearby.

jason and stefanie were sweet together. they kept teasing one another and i had jason whispering away in stefanie’s ear, which kept making her smile and laugh. thanks for a fun session you guys! i am excited to see you in september and capture your beautiful wedding in the columbia valley!

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stephen & claudia – engagement shoot in invermere, bc

stephen and claudia love the mountains and will be celebrating their wedding on September 6th at riverside park in canmore, alberta. i was amazed to hear that this couple have had things go one way and then completely change course with regards to their wedding plans… but once they had chosen canmore the ease that surrounded each decision and choice for their wedding came naturally. they planned the wedding in three days.

when claudia contacted me about capturing their wedding day, she told me her date and i had to laugh, it was one of the last wedding dates i had left open for the year and i had just taken note of that a day before. i love it when the universe lines things up for us so that we get to cruise on through and enjoy the experiences.

photographing stephen and claudia for their engagement session in the columbia valley last month was exactly that… fun, full of ease and two lovely people (with their super cute little dog glory) who have fun together. i loved being around these two and i’m really excited about the photos that we captured for them. it was a gorgeous evening for it and both stephen and claudia looked great. apparently they both have a little experience in front of the camera…

stephen has an interest in cars so i lucked out when i asked if they’d like to check out an old rusty truck that was parked in a field near our first location. it worked out perfectly for the photos. claudia has a natural talent for floating around through the long grass and being in the moment with stephen. it was really sweet to see them together.

thanks again for a great engagement shoot you two and i am so excited to come to canmore and capture you wedding this fall!

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dan & michelle – wedding at copper point resort, invermere, bc

dan and michelle are such an awesome couple… they are kind and compassionate and genuinely nice people… i’ve enjoyed getting to know both of them. when i called dan to find out where the guys were on the copper point golf course the morning of the wedding, dan told me how excited he was for me to be there. it was really sweet to hear that… he was excited to have the day captured… and it showed from morning until night.

michelle was getting ready at fusion spa in the copper point resort when i met up with her. she was in the company of her mom and her best girls… and the first thing i noticed was that all the bride’s maids had on these cute colorful little kimono style robes. michelle looked gorgeous as usual and things were coming together perfectly with hair and make-up.

as the ceremony approached, i visited the guys room as well as the girls and watched as moments unfolded before my eyes. there was a special gift from michelle to dan and then one arrived from dan to michelle. she could barely read the card as she was brimming with emotion. i love how expressive these two are. one of my favourite moments of dan and michelle’s wedding was when they were announced husband and wife. the joy is so evident in both of their faces as they walked down the isle hand in hand… it was a magical moment.

with a huge bridal party, dan and michelle had lots of help throughout the day. this group was full friends as well as siblings and relatives… dan’s three sisters and a cousin were in the party as were michelle’s two brothers. it’s really amazing to see families that are so close. dan and michelle are not only connected with their families, but also have amazing friends. dan’s best man sam is also an incredibly close buddy. michelle has the exact same thing, which i thought was really cool. she and matron of honour brittney are also two halves of the same whole. we took a few cute shots to illustrate how close this bride and groom are with their besties.

there were lots of great moments throughout the wedding day. thanks to brittney’s guy chad for the vip access to grizzly ridge where we got some amazing shots with the beautiful waterfall and pond as well as the cliff overlooking toby creek. the reception was a lot of fun… i could go on and on with the stories but will just say, the speeches were eloquent, touching and memorable… oh and the special appearance by dan and michelle’s sweet little dog harvey was perfect! He was a big part of the engagement photos and I loved seeing him again.

congratulations dan and michelle! i wish you an amazing honeymoon in tahiti and lots of adventures to follow…


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