danny & jocelyn – wedding at fairmont hot springs resort, bc

danny and jocelyn make a perfect pair… jocelyn’s tenacity is balanced by danny’s laid back attitude and they meet nicely in the middle. i had the pleasure of photographing danny and jocelyn for their engagement session last fall and we had lots of fun. jocelyn has a great smile and it seems to be out a lot when danny is around.

their wedding was at fairmont hot springs resort this summer on a beautiful day that turned out to be more than any of us expected. the sun was hot and we all walked away with a some toasty cheeks and shoulders!

danny and jocelyn are popular people… they both had lots of people standing up at their sides while they declared their lifelong commitment to one another. it made for some fun photos having such a large bridal party… lots of people to pose and danny always looked like he had a swarm of body guards around him. as much fun as it was to have the bridal party out for some photos, one of my favourite parts of the day was when it was just danny and jocelyn. those photos that we capture of a brand new bride and groom are completely magical to me… i find their connection and quiet moments so lovely and sweet.

both danny and jocelyn have a special place in their hearts for the columbia valley. they ventured out here with family when they were kids and have never stopped coming back. jocelyn’s parents have a place out in canal flats that allows for lots of time by columbia lake and the surrounding area.

jocelyn wore her grandmother’s veil and we had grandma put it on for a photo. i’m always so touched by moments like this… they strike me as important parts of the story and of jocelyn and danny’s history. jocelyn also wore pearls that belonged to her other grandma.

thank you for sharing your day with me danny and jocelyn. it was a pleasure seeing how surrounded you are by so many wonderful friends and family. i wish you all the best in your lives together!

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bankowski family portrait – invermere, bc

kathryn and chad are from saskatchewan… they were vacationing out in the beautiful columbia valley this august and contacted me about getting some photos done while they were in the area. as an original prairie girl myself, i know how amazing it is to come out to this area and enjoy the purcells and the rocky mountain ranges in every direction. when you don’t get to see it every day it’s always such a treat when you pass calgary headed west and that distinct horizon line appears. it’s such a beautiful place and the bankowskis know it pretty well. they come a few times every year to golf and ski with their two kids and often some extended family.

the bankowski’s are pros when it comes to portrait sessions, they’ve done a few and daughter avery is especially eager to have her photo taken. her brother noah would rather be out on a golf course, but did an awesome job of doing everything i asked. it was really sweet when avery said she wanted a photo of just her and her big brother… we took a few. avery was helpful with the posing and we took a special shot just of her at the end. (noah passed on the offer for his exclusive.)

kathryn’s ombre dress looked amazing against the natural setting of the grass and all of the colors that this family was wearing worked perfectly together. the mountains were gorgeous on this particular evening and we definitely took advantage of the views. thanks for a fun evening bankowskis!


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king family portrait – panorama mountain village, bc

michelle and jeff have recently bought a place up at panorama mountain village and have enjoyed visiting this beautiful area over the years with their two boys. they drive all the way from manitoba, a trip that i know all too well having vacationed out here from winnipeg throughout my entire childhood. it’s a long way to drive… and it’s worth it!

michelle and jeff really wanted to capture the majestic mountains in the background of their photos and we headed out to a few locations where we could highlight this beautiful feature.

the boys were great… i think i won them over with my suggestion to poke each other in the ear with their little sprigs of ‘wheat’ as they sat up on a bluff overlooking mount nelson. we definitely had some fun with the boys log rolling down a short hill and steamrolling mom and dad as well.

thanks for a great family portrait! i enjoyed meeting you all and i hope these photos will remind you of your time in the mountains!

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blair & andrea – wedding at copper point resort, invermere, bc

blair and andrea are an amazing couple with a beautiful story… they were married in july of this year at copper point resort in invermere.

i believe that love can feel like a fairytale… and these two make that so. the first time i met blair and andrea they struck me as two halves of the same whole… their energy was bonded in a way that seemed like they have known one another for their entire lives. they just made sense. it showed in their engagement session and i see it again in their wedding photos. it’s an ease that they exude… the way they look at one another and the way they touch when they are close. it’s beautiful.

i was so excited for their wedding and the day was absolutely breathtaking. we were having a lot of smoke in the valley from the nearby fires, but on blair and andrea’s day, it cleared off and we had beautiful mountain views by the afternoon.

i loved the details and the colors at this wedding… so many precious and dainty elements… andrea’s dress and jewelry were stunning and her flowers (shandrea at the stem floral design) were so pretty. the bridesmaids dresses were beautiful shades of a soft rosy peach and the guys were handsome in grey that looked classy next to their brown shoes. i loved the simple style of vests and no jackets on the gents and blair’s bow tie finished his outfit off perfectly.

the entire day was filled with beautiful moments and memorable exchanges. i loved it when andrea quickly hid between the dresses hanging in the bedroom doorway as her grandfather nearly walked into the room… she was so concerned that he couldn’t see her and the genuine  expression on her face says it all.

an equally favourite moment was when we slipped out onto the golf course late in the evening to catch a bit of magic between newly weds… the sprinklers were on and i wanted to illuminate the spray with blair and andrea in silhouette. we got one shot before the sprinkler came around and caught them in a light but effective spray of water. luckily it was just enough to make a good story and not enough to get really wet.

as we were getting organized for another shot, andrea decided to take off her shoes as her feet were getting sore from her lovely but uncomfortable heels. blair bent down to help her with the straps and i snapped a photo. it was a completely unplanned moment that tells the story of their love in a single image…

a perfect ending to a perfect day. congratulations blair and andrea. it was an honour to capture a story as sweet as yours.


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dorey family portrait – invermere, bc

the dorey family was drawn to the columbia valley for it’s beautiful mountains and outdoor activities. i was impressed to hear that they came from all over canada including the east coast.

we had doreys and duffleys, careys and a demeuleneare… and it was wonderful to see them all together enjoying the beautiful scenery in invermere. the kids were so sweet and hilarious as they played together and enjoyed the area. grandma/mom bonnah was sweet with her kids and grandkids… i could tell that she was thrilled to have everyone together.

each one of these families had their own unique story to tell… chuck and carmen are expecting and though carmen wasn’t showing yet, everyone was convinced they needed a photo to showcase the growing family. corena and peter have little quinn, who is 4 years old and insisted on wearing a super hero t-shirt after a few initial photos… he’s going through a passionate phase and i loved how mom and dad were so supportive.

candace had her 5 month old katie who was full of giggles and smiles, especially when grandma came around. chad and angie had their little clan of brady, skyla and scotlyn, who were each sweet and adorable in their own right. i also loved how amazing kyle was with the kids… we caught a beautiful moment between kyle and little quinn right at the end of the shoot when the cars were being packed up. i loved it.

thanks to everyone for playing along and i hope these photos help you all remember and enjoy your vacation out the beautiful rocky mountains in invermere!

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