brent & suzanne – wedding at eagle ranch golf course, invermere, bc

brent and suzanne had a beautiful spring wedding at eagle ranch resort in invermere. these two are such a fun and sweet couple. in the days and weeks leading up to the big day i touched base a few times with suzanne and always got an update on how many hours, minutes and seconds were remaining before she said ‘i do’. i thought it was so fun and an obvious reflection of her delight and the approaching date.

on the morning of the wedding we headed out to meet up with the girls in fairmont. suzanne was getting ready at a friend’s house, which created an absolutely perfect setting for the bride. suzanne wore a gorgeous dress that reminded me of all things vintage. i loved the lace over her shoulders and the blue suede pumps that she had chosen.

she wore her grandmother’s watch, which seemed fitting as her engagement ‘ring’ was actually a beautiful rose gold watch that brent proposed with. the gentlemen wore stylish sports themed cuff links and striped socks especially for the occasion.

it was a unique bridal party, with two sisters standing up for suzanne and two brothers standing up for brent. i’ve never had a bridal party of siblings… it was pretty neat to see all of them together, and i can only imagine their parents enjoyed it as well!

brent and suzanne, you are so amazing and inspiring. i just love seeing you together as your love and joy make you luminous. congratulations on your beautiful wedding and i wish you all the best!

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greg & jessica – engagement shoot in invermere, bc

greg and jessica are getting married this september at eagle ranch resort in invermere, bc. they live in calgary and decided that the columbia valley was a perfect spot for their destination wedding. jess’s parents have a place in akiskanook, where they love to come and spend time away from the city.

i had already met jessica as she was in the bridal party for a wedding i had shot a couple of years ago. it was such a compliment to connect with jess and hear that she and greg knew that they wanted me to be their wedding photographer for their own special day.

i remembered jess right away… she has quite a few tattoos and a striking pin-up inspired look. greg balances out her edge with his own style. they described themselves as appearing a bit opposite at a first glance… but it doesn’t take much to see the connection between them.

as soon as we started shooting i could see jess’ love for greg every time she glanced at him… and he just seemed drawn towards her from anywhere that i asked him to stand. they seem a bit like magnets to me, which explains the ‘opposites at first glance’.

it was a fun shoot despite being amazingly and uncharacteristically hot. jess totally rocked it in her black jeans (and greg in his long pants) and we did our best to stay out of the blazing sun. they brought their two beautiful italian greyhound puppies and we finished the shoot with a few ‘family photos’.

an awesome shoot for an amazing couple. i’m so excited for the wedding this fall greg and jess!

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sam & chantel – engagement session in invermere, bc

sam and chantel are getting married this summer at copper point resort in invermere, bc. they live up in sylvan lake alberta but visited the columbia valley as kids and wanted to have their destination wedding here. these two started their love story back in high school and have been together for something like ten years. they told me they would be driving up for the photo session and bringing along their two little fur-babies… maui and coco.

what looked like it was going to be a rainy mountain day turned into an absolutely spectacular evening and we were all so glad that we decided to stick it out after sam and chantel had driven all the way down just for the day. they promised i would have my work cut out for me as neither of them is very big on having photos taken but that proved not to be the case at all.

i just loved the way that sam took care of his fiance… he was such a gentleman with chantel and she was so friendly and kind. they were easy to photograph and i had lots of fun getting to know them. chantel’s mom took care of the dogs while we meandered around the private acreage near invermere and took advantage of the beautiful evening. when it was time for maui and coco to come back for some photos we had lots of fun getting the whole family facing in the right direction! i get to photograph a number of dogs when i do engagement sessions and i’m always so entertained by the furry babies!

thank you for a fabulous engagement session sam and chantel… it was such a pleasure. you’re both naturals in front of my camera and i am excited to see you again in july!

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shea & stacy – engagement shoot in invermere, bc

shea and stacy are getting married this august at fairmont hot springs resort. i was first introduced to these two by their wedding planner leanne brooks, owner and talent of lucky in love weddings. they are very excited about this destination wedding and have picked an amazing location and date to travel out to the columbia valley from their home in edmonton. shea and stacy visited last summer and fell in love with fairmont. they decided that it was a perfect spot for their wedding… suiting their natural style and inclination towards a bit of the rustic charm.

we wanted to enjoy even more of the valley for their engagement session, so i decided to keep them close to invermere and even closer to the beautiful mountains. the weather for their spring session was a little questionable but we managed to do the session during a beautiful evening and captured some great moments not only with shea and stacy, but also with their beloved puppy farrah, who was eager to stick close to mom and dad and generally cute and hilarious.

i just loved photographing these two… stacy has a totally magnetic smile and shea has this energy about him that makes it easy to just hang out and chat. i loved the touch of plaid that shea brought and the sweet way these two connected. as is often the case, i heard that shea wasn’t much for having his photo taken, but i think he did a great job. it’s amazing what happens when you turn a person’s attention to the love of their life!

shea and stacy, i am really looking forward to august!! see you soon…

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vince & cariss – elopement in invermere, bc

vince and cariss were my first wedding of 2015. when we chatted about their ceremony they told me that it would just be the two of them, the justice of the peace and a witness. they have been together for years and after planning a big wedding, decided it was more their style to take the weekend to get-away together. so they came out to the columbia valley and before the mountains and lake windermere, they said their i-do’s with an intimate exchange of words, love and vows for their future together. cariss and vince just strike me as the type of couple that does what they feel is right for them… cariss’ black wedding dress proudly speaks to that.

from what i gathered, very few of their friends and family knew that they were planning on getting married on that weekend… so we made sure to capture a few fun ‘announcement’ photos with a chalkboard and the pertinent details.

i had so much fun with vince and cariss… we spent just a short part of the afternoon together and yet they totally impacted me. they are sweet, lovely people and i was glad to be a part of this special day in their story together.

vince and cariss… thanks again for asking me be your elopement photographer and i wish you and your family continued happiness!

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