ryan & alanna – wedding at eagle ranch golf course, invermere bc

ryan and alanna appeared on my blog not too long ago for their engagement session… it was actually the same week as their wedding at eagle ranch resort in invermere, bc. these two traveled a long way for their wedding, yet they found themselves close to the comforts of home.

alanna’s parents have a place here in the columbia valley that overlooks lake windermere. it was a stunning location for some shots of alanna getting ready before the ceremony started. ryan was also right in invermere and got ready with his best man with lots of cheerful visitors eager to wish him well on his wedding day.

it was a fun day full of laughter… starting almost immediately with ryan’s flair for ironing and a comically short first attempt at tying his tie.

alanna’s dress was exquisite. she had purchased it overseas and it was absolutely stunning on her. i also loved her shoes with their long silk laces tied into bows. the ceremony was lovely… there was live music performed by some of alanna’s family and ryan read ‘i carry your heart’ by e. e. cummings. seeing these two twice in three days was a treat… they are so easily able to slip into their own little world. i loved being around their joyful energy and the way that they seem to compliment and enhance each others spirit.

the reception was held at the historical cpr lodge building near kinsmen beach, which was saved from demolition and relocated to it’s current home just a short time ago. it has stunning mountain views and was a perfect venue for ryan and alanna’s intimate wedding and seemingly the centre point for a double rainbow that appeared over lake windermere part way through the reception. a sign of luck from mother nature is always a gift!

i wish you both so much joy and happiness in your life together ryan and alanna… thank you for the honour of capturing this day.


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kris & kari – wedding at copper point resort in invermere, bc

kris and kari are a bit of an exception to my usual wedding clients… we met for the first time just days before the wedding as they were traveling out from manitoba. it’s pretty rare that i don’t meet my couples before their big day… so it was great to finally sit down with these two and hear more about their lives together and their relationship. kari is the little sister of cheryl, a talented woman who i would brush shoulders with constantly while shooting weddings that she had coordinated at copper point resort in invermere, bc over the last few seasons.

when cheryl contacted me about her little sister’s wedding i was so touched that she wanted to have me capture this special day. i knew based on cheryl’s lovely personality that her sister and fiancé would be a sweet pair. i was right… these two are so cute together! i loved hearing their stories about meeting for the first time at work and how they fell in love (i think kris started it.)

i got to hear all about kris’ elaborate plan to propose to kari, which included kidnapping her blindfolded from work and taking her to a beautiful resort where he had flower petals scattered on the floor and got down on one knee. kris loves to surprise kari and was planning their honeymoon after the wedding as well… kari didn’t know where they were headed and kris was having a great time coordinating the details.

on the wedding day there was a bit of rain that ended up pushing the ceremony inside… even with the last minute changes this couple was bubbling over with love and joy… and their family was celebration right along with them. the sun came out shortly after the service and we headed outside for the photos. kari’s two kids did an amazing job… we had tara in kari’s dress, which was so beautiful and andrew was guarding the rings. we even had them hold an old wooden frame to capture their mom and kris in the centre at kari’s request. we had amazing light and dramatic skies for the newly wed portraits out on a beautiful acreage that overlooks lake windermere. it was a location that cheryl requested since she knows the valley so well and it was perfect for the photos of these two.

it was a gorgeous day and i am so thrilled for both of you! kris and kari, i wish you an amazing life together and thank you for this opportunity to capture your celebration!

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adam & carmen – wedding at copper point resort, invermere bc

adam and carmen were married at copper point resort this past august. it was an amazing day and they are a really fantastic couple… i knew i was going to enjoy capturing their wedding after our engagement session last year. it was an incredibly windy day in october that we chose for their shoot and they were complete rockstars. carmen told me that they wanted really dramatic and unique photos for their engagement session as well as their wedding, so i was excited.

first of all, i absolutely loved the flowers… they were packed full of beautiful succulents and weighed a tonne, but were worth the workout to carry around. carmen’s dress was exquisite and fit her beautifully. i loved the simple silhouette of it and the light, summery colour she chose for her bridesmaids dresses. carmen wore the wedding rings of both of her grandmothers. when we photographed them in the palm of her hand i was amazed that they were completely identical. two perfect gold rings. they were lovely.

there were secret scottish socks for adam and a tasteful array of colours for shoes and ties. there was also a lot of family and a lot of emotion at this celebration, which always makes me teary. when adam saw carmen coming down the isle he dropped his head and started tearing up. it was such a touching sight that the entire group of guests couldn’t help but get a little emotional… including myself.

adam’s sister was in the bridal party and his brother was his best man. carmen’s mom and best friend helped plan the whole wedding and her cousin was her maid of honour. i always love watching the reactions of those family members when the day unfolds… it’s a true reflection of the heart.

in keeping with carmen’s request for the wedding photos, we had some dramatic wind and weather throughout the day. after heading down to a private property overlooking lake windermere with the bridal party, adam and carmen came out to grizzly ridge where we were lucky enough to access the waterfalls and beautiful natural landscaping for some beautiful shots.

the reception was full of laughter and storytelling and the dance floor was packed over the course of the night. i get the sense that the memories and adventures are just beginning for these families.

congratulations on a beautiful wedding adam and carmen, i had so much fun with you and look forward to seeing you in the valley again soon!


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ryan & alanna – engagement shoot in invermere, bc

ryan and alanna decided to trek all the way down to the columbia valley for their eagle ranch resort wedding from their home in whitehorse… it was really a short and a familiar trip considering alanna’s parents have had a home overlooking lake windermere for years.

because it was such a trip, we waited until the week they arrived for the wedding to shoot the engagement session, is we met up on a tuesday in august and then i saw them three days later on a friday for their wedding. it was pretty fun hanging out with this couple that much in one week… they are really sweet together and definitely were most comfortable being photographed when their eyes were locked on each other. (i think that’s pretty romantic myself.)

for the session, my assistant terri coordinated access to a beautiful private property just outside of invermere. it is a really lovely spot with lots of charm… some rose bushes, rustic log buildings, a huge garden with the most unique gate i’ve ever seen and this really amazing rock wall that leads down to the cellar. we had a gorgeous night for the photos and a relaxing stroll around the homestead as the sun went down. ryan and alanna enjoy hiking together, so it was nice to have them outside and just spending time with one another.

the wedding will follow quickly for this couple and i’m excited to share more about them soon…

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kyle & sarah – wedding at copper point resort, invermere bc

kyle and sarah celebrated a beautiful wedding at copper point resort this summer… they traveled all the way from fort liars, north west territories to have their day here in the columbia valley and it was spectacular.

kyle is a mountie and wore his serge for the wedding. i always love that red pop of colour against the natural background of the forest. it looked especially unique next to sarah’s turquoise jewelry and bright orange and yellow flowers. apparently this is totally sarah… she loves bold colours and they really worked for this couple. her red suede shoes were also gorgeous!

sarah’s dress was so pretty… it had lots of lace detailing and this lovely vintage feel. we even got sarah’s niece lily in the dress for a few photos, which was so adorable.

there were many sweet and memorable moments throughout the day… to start, sarah seems quite close with her family… there were tears when she danced with her dad and an amazing flash mob that featured not only her parents but both grandmas who came out onto the dance floor with their walkers and then busted a serious move! kyle kept it a little more under wraps, but you could tell his parents were so proud of him along with his brother who was in the bridal party. the cake was cut with a huge machete and the ‘shoe game’ revealed some secretes about kyle’s ‘unique’ sense of humour and the adventures that these two have been on together.

it was such a pleasure to capture your day! congratulations kyle and sarah and i hope to see you down in invermere again sometime!


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