beckstead family portrait – invermere, bc

i love capturing families that have gathered together in the columbia valley to celebrate a birthday… everyone is relaxed and enjoying their time together as they honour someone important in their lives. for the beckstead family it was doug’s 60th and he was spending a few days celebrating and enjoying the area with his wife andrienne and their three kids with their respective partners.

this was a stylish group. when they arrived i knew their photo session was going to look great based on a few things… the outfits were perfect, doug was wearing a fedora that looked awesome and everyone was chatting and laughing constantly. i instantly got the impression that this family is fun, genuine and great to hang out with. i was right.

when claire called to arrange the portrait shoot, she mentioned that they would really like to take advantage of the amazing mountain views that we have in the area. it was a gorgeous spring morning that we chose and both the rockies and the purcell mountains were looking beautiful in the background.

happy birthday doug and thanks again to everyone! i know you had a great time celebrating this special day and i was honoured to capture some memories that you can enjoy for years to come.

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‘love my light’ series – illuminating & celebrating you’re inner light

imagine what our world would look like if each of us believed that we are worthy of our dreams and desires.

what if every pair of eyes that looked into a mirror, felt safe inside of that gaze and saw the truth… that who we are is enough.

would we celebrate ourselves more? would we stand in our strength? know balance? accept joy? would we feel our worth?

the intention of this series is to illuminate a beauty that is unique to each person… I believe this is the essence of being human. I believe that loving ourselves first is the greatest gift we have to offer to others. it is inside of this self-love that we are free to stand courageously in our lives, to shine our light and to inspire growth.

the love my light series is a place where you can celebrate your beauty, stretch your wings and let your brilliance be known. it is a space to lean into your dreams and reconnect with your truth. it is both an unfolding and an embrace.

it is falling in love with your life, being proud of exactly who you are… and recognizing just how brightly you shine.

this is how I love my light…

to learn more about having a love my light session please get in touch. These sessions include hair and make-up by a professional artist and are available for booking now. see amy’s love my light session here. see catherine’s love my light session here.

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love my light – vibrant catherine – in the studio, invermere, bc

catherine is one of the bravest women i know. not only is she a survivor, she is a thriving inspiration of growth, triumph and strength. she dreams and then she leaps out into the world and takes flight.

already a dear friend, catherine is also a beacon of light for others. she shines with hope and she speaks her truth, inspiring the people around her to do the same. i have listened to her dream of becoming a mother and witnessed the arrival of logan emery… an absolute treasure of a human being. i have watched as she has grown with wisdom and with grace.

this was a special session because catherine’s beautiful son logan was there for a part of it. seeing catherine on this particular day as she stood in her beauty and owned her light… was breathtaking. i was humbled in the presence of a mother and her son shining their light on one another. i have photographed logan many times since he was born three years ago… and still… something magical was happening here that holds my attention.

this project that i have started has already moved me. it has refined the way i see the people i photograph as well as myself. we are all so beautiful… we are each so worthy of feeling magnificent in our bodies and our hearts every single day. find out more about the love my light series here

this is catherine’s light…

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love my light – courageous amy – in the studio, invermere, bc

and so the love my light series has begun… and amy is one of the first to be illuminated. i am so excited and honoured to share this gift and reflect the love and beauty that i see shining all around me.

my sister amy moved to the columbia valley from vancouver earlier this year. i am so excited to finally be living in the same place. she is a magnificently beautiful woman, sister and friend. for the launch of the love my light series i could think of a million reasons why i wanted to start with amy… but i’m only going to share one…

amy is one of those people who’s heart is too big for her body.

you can feel it when you get close… she has this softness and warmth that lives inside of her. i wanted to photograph the goddess that rises up when things get tough and takes the lead when necessary… the friend that holds me when i cry and the strength that makes her so stunningly brilliant and unique.

find out more about the love my light series here

this is amy’s light…


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brent, claire and the family – in the studio, invermere, bc

i first met claire back in 2011 at a baby shower for my god-son logan emery. i already knew claire’s sister helen a little bit and thought she was so sweet… both of these beautiful women have calm, grounding energy that i was drawn to immediately. i remember that claire was pregnant with her first (sofie) and we sat and chatted all about the wonderful adventures that were to come. claire told me about her amazing partner brent and the beautiful story of how they fell in love. we chatted about their upcoming wedding and collecting some perfect memories for this beautiful family.

when brent contacted me about a gift certificate that he could surprise claire with, i was so thrilled at the opportunity to connect. they were now expecting their second beautiful child and wanted to wait to book the session until the new addition had arrived.

shortly after little ellie was born, brent, claire, big sister sofie and both amazing grandmas arrived at the studio. it was lots of fun capturing the magic of this beautiful family. the girls are absolutely gorgeous and i loved having three generations together for such a special time. it was really a gift to remember that lovely afternoon chat that i had shared with claire years ago and now to be photographing her vibrant and curious daughter sofie planting kisses on the forehead of her newborn sister.

brent and claire, thank you so much for the honour of capturing these amazing moments. it was an absolute pleasure. what a treasure this part of your story is. as your girls grow i hope that these photos will bring smiles to your faces and warmth to your hearts…


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