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as 2017 quietly fades into the past i find myself already swept into the momentum of forward motion. 2018 is ripe and ready for big change, big growth and so much love.

it’s been a year of amazing experiences, shifts, changes and total transformations… i am so grateful for all that 2017 had to offer. a lot has changed for me personally in the last 365 days, (like getting married! i’m now kyla gent!) but first things first… this post is focused on the exciting news that i wanted to share with regards to kyla brown photography.

i am delighted to say that i am booking weddings for this season. to keep things simple i’m keeping the business name of kyla brown photography for now, but i have taken my husband’s last name, so you’ll see kyla gent on my email sign offs.

it felt really great to take a step back from my full day wedding commitments last year and revitalize my body, mind and spirit. i did continue doing some short sessions including small weddings and elopements, family portraits and commercial work, however i kept all of my shoots under 3 hours and delivered on a promise to my body that i would get some much needed rest.

i’m grateful for the perspective i have gained in taking a bit of a breather… honestly it was hard to make that commitment and say no to people. i’m always so moved when a couple feels a connection with my photography and wants to entrust me with that gift of making tangible the essence of their wedding. that said, over the years i have learned that i cannot show up half way. bringing all of my attention and focus to a wedding is just who i am. when i’m shooting i rarely sit down, i rarely take a break and i am constantly watching how my couple is experiencing the day and the people they are celebrating with and i’m waiting for a moment that i believe will feel meaningful… or special… or timeless. working this way asks a lot of my body. the photography industry is important and intense and it takes a lot of energy and effort to do it with passion and with grace… at least i think it does. i always want to be fully present and offer my best self to such an important role and i am so happy that i took 2017 to step back. i got to enjoy some weekends with my new husband!

this year kyla brown photography will include associate photographer Milena Huebener. A long time friend of mine and a talented photographer and videographer, Milena has been assisting and second shooting for me for a number of years now and frankly she’s amazing. we are delighted to offer her services and expand kyla brown photography into a two tier pricing structure. Milena’s photography style compliments my own and when she is booked as a photographer she will be achieving a style and look that is in line with what you have seen from me at kyla brown photography. Milena is available for portrait sessions, weddings and newborn photography.

believe it or not there’s still more big news… watch for a huge and exciting announcement coming this week!

thank you again for your support, your patience and your amazing feedback. i am humbled and grateful for all of the beautiful images we have created and will create together.

it’s been quite awhile since i’ve had time to spend with my creative artwork. having such a packed schedule with my photography has been a blessing and i feel grateful for all that kyla brown photography has brought into my life. this summer i’ve made a commitment to focus on some of my personal projects and i am so delighted to delve deep into my writing, my art and the creative musings that i feel my heart softly whispering to me in the quiet moments.

since i last created designs for the lucent imagery line i have gotten engaged and married to the love of my life. i have become kyla jayne gent and slowly, gracefully i am shedding my attachments to kyla jayne brown. i have created ‘gently drawn’ to continue to share the creativity that comes through me and i look forward to expanding all that i have to offer.

the lucent imagery series is compiled of ongoing artwork from my personal drawing journals. these images illustrate the journey i myself have been on as well as the unfolding growth that i witness all around me. these newest designs came pouring out of me as soon as i gave them some space to breathe. one after another they flowed together… sharing messages that felt aglow with love, connection and the joy of alignment with one’s heart.

i just finished delivering the latest chapter of ‘lucent imagery’ to village arts, which is currently the only place in town to find this work. i’ve also made everything available online once again and they can be enjoyed, experienced and ordered directly here.

thanks to everyone who supports my creative work, thanks to those who finds a connection with these little reflections of life and most of all, thanks to each of you for opening wide your own heart as you navigate the way with a grace that can only come from truly being you.

brad and kristen were married in the brand new clubhouse at greywolf golf course this winter. they planned a wintery celebration with an intimate group of friends and family. kristen wore a beautiful dress and braved the cold for the first glimpse and some portraits with her soon to be husband.

i had already photographed these two when we met for an absolutely stunning evening at grizzly ridge months before… at the time not knowing that they would plan a ceremony at panorama and ask me to capture the afternoon for them.

i loved photographing brad and kristen. they are easy to be around, the are kind and thoughtful and they are definitely in the kind of love that feels like it’s always been a part of who they are.

a big thank you to earl grey lodge for allowing us to ‘pop by’ for some photos in the new space! everything looked amazing and phil was a very welcoming and gracious host, offering a couple glasses of champagne to the almost newly weds and a huge cheer from the entire restaurant!

both times that i have photographed them together i feel moved by the way that they snuggle up, how kristen starts to laugh with love and how they always seem to be having fun. whether it’s a gorgeous evening in the forest or a chilly snowy afternoon when they are about to say ‘i do’ these two make it amazing. brad and kristen, thank you for inviting me to be a part of your celebration… i wish you a beautiful life together and i am so very happy for you both!

this was the last wedding i will be shooting for awhile… committing to taking a season off to get married myself and enjoy some time for personal projects… i feel so completely joyful that this is the wedding that will sit on the horizon of kyla brown photography for awhile. i look forward to the adventures to come and will be sure to let everyone know what my plans are as they come together for 2018!

brad and kristen called me about having some engagement photos done at grizzly ridge last fall. they knew the location from some other shoots that i had done there and it felt like a perfect spot for them to capture the magic of this amazing time in their lives. i completely agree… this is one stunning location in our columbia valley!

i can’t say enough about this photo shoot… these two were totally naturally in front of my camera. terri and i had an awesome time hanging out with them and we both felt a little glowy after being around their love. they trusted me fully and we found some great locations where we captured some of my most favourite photos of the year.

engagement sessions or any portrait of people that are deeply in love always inspires me… i tend to feel totally elated and alive as i drive away from the shoot and these two were a perfect example of that kind of energy. it makes me love what i do and feel so blessed that i can reflect people’s joy in this way. i loved kristen’s laugh and how she and brad could be giggling one minute and then find a quiet moment to get really close the next.

thanks brad and kristen! i loved sharing in a little piece of your joyful connection and wish you all the best!

JBWI_01b_kyla_brown_photography_invermere_destination_wedding_eagle_ranch_resortjohn and britt were married on the very last day of 2016… it was a spectacular way to close out the year as well as the season.

i was really excited to capture this wintery new year’s eve wedding for such a warm and lovely couple. we had a great session earlier in the year for their engagement and i already knew they could handle some chilly weather, so they were the perfect pair for this winter wonderland.

john and britt decided that they wanted to connect before the ceremony to help calm their nerves and emotions. they decided only to touch… not see one another before they walked down the aisle. they were both blindfolded and lead out into the snow just moments before the ceremony started. it was inspiring to witness their laughter and excitement as they reached for one another and held on, just for a moment.

it was fairly mild for the end of december… warm enough for these brave families to get outside for the formals and then to venture around the valley a bit for some bridal portraits. nothing says i love you and i’ve got your back like a happy bridal party in a snow storm.

one of my favourite moments was just as the snow really started to fall. britt and john were happy to jump out of the car for some dreamy portraits in their own personal bubble of newly wed love.

the day was filled with personal touches… flowers arranged by a talented aunt, beautiful rings designed and created by britt’s dad and awesome siblings and friends standing up in the bridal party. there were furry accessories from grandparents and a preciously stored handkerchief of britt’s grandma’s that covered something blue, borrowed and old. britt was stunning in her dress and john looked incredibly handsome. these two remind me of a couple from some old black and white movie with an epic love story.

john and britt, thank you for the honour of photographing this day for you. it was a beautiful and memorable one that will stay with me. i wish you a life together that is filled with laughter, love and precious moments.